Friday, May 1, 2009

California Girl

Today I got up early, did a little laundry, appreciated the sunshine, hung out with my BFF, drove to Silver Lake to visit a friend whose house is like an art museum where you can eat and say whatever you want, picked up another friend to have breakfast with us, we went to a fabulous, authentic Mexican restaurant in East LA, had amazing huevos rancheros, enjoyed the food and company, ran errands, returned the rental car, lay down for a psuedo-nap, had an early dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant with another friend, we chatted up the proverbial storm on the patio where we were enchanted by the night-blooming jasmine, it was first Friday where lots of stores, art galleries and restaurants are open and have live music, we walked around, people-watched, perused the items, got free gerber daisies, and remembered why I love LA.

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Elissa said...

What's not to love about L.A?