Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Summer: Five Things

It's full-blown summer in the D.C. area and the heat is on. It's so hot that I had cut my hair recentlyam I the only person who thinks their hair makes them hotter?  We're talking full-blown air conditioning all the time, flip-flops, and getting sweaty just walking from the car.  Throw in the humidity and man alive!

Here are five things I'd like to do this summer:
  1. Go to the pool more with Babyface.  He loves water and waterplay days at his school. I'm trying to make plans with friends with kids so that we can take sandwiches, share toys, and have fun together.
  2. Use the nice invitations that I won at HealthyTippingPoint (thanks again, Caitlin!) to organize a summer cookout.  This year we're not having our usual Independence Day cookout so I want to make sure we have some other summer fun with the grill and outdoor games.  Babyface has a deluxe inflatable pool that's a hit with the toddler set.
  3. Go on a date with My Heart's Desire and see a movie at the theater.  We rarely go to the theater these days, the last time was in March for his birthday, and before that... 2013.
  4. Finish the baby blanket project that I started ages ago that now is a toddler blanket project.  I like crochet and even found a knitting/crochet group but have been slacking.  I need to finish the blanket before the kid's old enough to learn how to crochet!
  5. Take a family day trip to the beach or the bay.  Somewhere easy to get to and that would be fun for all. (If anyone has suggestions, please put them in the comments.)

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