Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eat, Move, Sleep

Tom Rath's Eat, Move, Sleep tackles the three most important factors to living a healthy life. The book is very well researched and Rath is obviously passionate about the subject. In addition to learning facts and big picture ideas, Rath shares his personal, serious health issues.

The upshot of this book could be described thusly: Every single choice you make gets you either closer or farther from your goal.  And at the end of every chapter are challenges, from recognizing what your least healthy snacks are and replacing them with healthier snacks, finding ways to add easy daily activity, to having a technology-free hour before bed to help restful sleep.

None of the suggestions are radical or overwhelming.  In fact, Rath encourages readers to make small changes that are sustainable rather than attempting dramatic ones for a short time.  Last year I made small changes that equaled big results. I've built on all of these small changes and strongly agree that even the smallest change brings a healthy goal closer.

Interesting and motivating, I liked this book so much that I went on and created my own (free!) personalized plan. And, me being me, I created a document so that I could see the questions and my answers. A

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