Saturday, February 2, 2013

Babyface's Kitchen

Mrs. Claus brought this terrific play kitchen for Babyface for Christmas.  And when I say Mrs. Claus, in this case I mean my wonderful former coworker Charlotte.  She found this on the curb on the way to the grocery store one fall weekend and picked it up and delivered it to me.

The kitchen needed a little TLC, was missing some hinges and the microwave had to be re-connected to the freezer, which required a trip to the hardware store for My Heart's Desire.  Then I cleaned it top to bottom.

I also saved empty food containers so that Babyface would have some play foodstuffs to put on the shelves.  The yellow Tupperware container and small pan on the stove are toys from My Heart's Desire's childhood.  Babyface loves to open and close the doors and take the sink out and put it back.


Yasemin Kasim Luebke said...

This is great! Have you heard about this?

Amina Hafiz Sarraf said...

Children of all genders should be able to bake with a low-watt light bulb!