Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Greatest Hits

Oh, Boy!
My life changed this year. I had a beautiful son in July.  I had a complicated pregnancy and he was delivered early. The rough start was scary but he is healthy and doing very well.  My Heart's Desire and I are over the moon and love being parents to Babyface. 

The first part of the year was consumed by getting ready for Babyface.  We took lots of classes to get ready for his arrival.  Once Babyface came home from the hospital, I felt like we were in a bunker.  For months we were on his 24 hour a day schedule.  Once he started sleeping through the night, I began emerging from the bunker little by little.  I have continued to take classes and joined several groups.

I was so loved on my wedding day and thought that was the most loved I would ever feel, but I was overwhelmed with love and support when I was pregnant and when Babyface was born.  People came out of the woodwork to love Babyface.  I'm so grateful for all the love pouring into our new family.

It's All Relative
After Babyface was born, everyone in our immediate family traveled from far and wide to come and love him, including some relatives who hadn't been here in ages.  It was wonderful to have family here and for them to meet him.  Everyone brought or made food and took care of Babyface so My Heart's Desire and I could rest. 

My sister handed down her Kindle to me. I had been reluctant to use an E-reader because I love books and spend enough time staring at screens. To my surprise, it is very easy to read on and doesn't feel like reading on a computer screen, which I really don't like.  Also, when I was on bed rest and couldn't make it to the library or bookstore, I still had reading material at my fingertips.  I could download books and just carry the Kindle, which is lighter than a paper book. When we went to Florida, I just took the Kindle and it was the first time I had traveled with no books. 

Family Traditions
My Heart's Desire likes to make Christmas ornaments with mementos from our year.  This year we have a special frame to celebrate our baby's first Christmas.  In addition, we have had professional photographs taken of the baby and our family.  These photographs are family treasures!

Guilty Pleasure
Subscribing to HBO.  We'd lived happily without any premium cable channels for years but I couldn't resist the siren call of True Blood.  Lafayette steals the show.

Used Bookstore
The Friends of the Montgomery County bookstores. They have great books at bargain prices.  Also I have found some books in great shape for Babyface.

Local Getaway
I won a night at the Morrison House in their Valentine's Day promotion of Facebook and it was wonderful. I was pregnant and tired so the night in a fancy hotel room across town was lovely.  We could have done more around Alexandria but once we came across Girl Scouts selling Samoas, I was content.

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