Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thrifty Girl Report - May

Where Thrifty Girl Meets Hippie Girl

On the screened-in porch I have a laundry line, where I can dry clothes for free and also avoid the pollen of hanging them up outside. The room gets sunshine most of the day and I love the way the clothes, towels, and sheets feel when they air-dry.

Laundry line savings: At least $20/month savings on the electricity bill

Farewell, Netflix!

We spend a lot on cable (My Heart's Desire loves television) and have several movie channels, can watch content OnDemand for free (love this!). So I decided that May was going to be my last month of Netflix. I liked it, but I don't think I was getting $18.01/month worth of enjoyment.

Netflix savings: $108.06 (June - December 2009)

Everything's Negotiable

I have a credit card that gave me a 0% offer on purchases and transfer balances. The period ended and my interest rate went up to 17.99%, which is not a great rate. I called and asked for the interest rate (for purchases, at least) to be lowered. And I ended up with 1.9% interest on purchases for the rest of the year. Thank you very much!

Credit card interest savings: 16.09%

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

frugal and green definantly go hand in hand. I too love that air dried quality to my laundry. I use a clothes drying rack that I can use either inside or out.