Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today I woke early to the sounds of a wood chipper on my street, enjoyed pre-Valentine's Day pancakes My Heart's Desire cooked (all the tastier because I had nothing to do with making them), tided up the house a little bit, got a huge kick out of Cash Peter's Gullible's Travels: The Adventures of a Bad Taste Tourist (3) that my colleague lent me and now have a desire to go to the Museum of Bad Art, did laundry, talked to one of my favorite aunts, had friends over for Middle Eastern food dinner, played Bop It with their 10-year-old daughter (I got to 50!), nibbled on mini cupcakes and brownies, warmed myself by the fire My Heart's Desire made, chatted up the proverbial storm with my BFF, and now am going back to the fire.

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