Friday, March 5, 2010

Feet, don’t fail me now!

I signed up for the Earth Day 5K next month!

Late last year I started running with the Galloway method (run/walk) and this will be the first race I’ll participate in where I run, jog, and walk instead of just walk. In January I bought new running shoes and I’m ready to train!

The first 5K I ever participated in was a challenge for me and I walked the entire thing. It actually was measured wrong, 5 miles instead of 5K (3.1 miles), so I was exhausted afterwards but proud. And I came in second… to last. So any 5K that I participate in now I am bound to do better.

I made another Green Monster this morning, with a little more spinach than yesterday's. You can see I wasn't kidding about the green!

And look what I found last night at Bed, Bath & Beyond, an insulated cold cup with a locking lid (very important for me, lest I spill one morning while in tremendous hurry). Plus it's dishwasher safe (uses less water than pesky hand washing) and reusable, perfect!


Karla said...


When and where is the 5K? Do you want to do it together? I am pretty out of shape about running (can only walk/kinda jog quickly), but I am looking for motivation. If you want company or someone to share the training process with, I'm your woman!


Amina said...

The 5K is in Silver Spring on 4/18 and I just did my first long training (3 miles) on Saturday! It felt great! I'll email you about the details :)