Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thrifty Girl

I am my mother's daughter... which means I can happily pay loads of money for some things, but am thrifty when it comes to others.

Lately I've been trying to save money and be thriftier in general. Below are some of the ways that I've managed to save a little extra money (the kind that folds!).

- Negotiated $50 off monthly rent due to being fantastic tenants (okay, it's My Heart's Desire that's the fantastic, handy one)
= $600/year

- Bought text messaging for $5/month, instead of paying $.20/each. Also we lost the $14/month in protection charges (is only slightly less than buying one new phone every year, which we don't do). Total savings of $53/month
= $636 (if we do buy a new phone, will be out $200ish, but still great savings)

Will keep saving money and letting you know how it goes!

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